Instagram calls on fashion, beauty and Black businesses to promote launch of Live Rooms

Instagram calls on fashion, beauty and Black businesses to promote launch of Live Rooms

THE WHAT? Instagram has announced the launch of Live Rooms, which allows up to four users to live stream together. The Facebook-owned social media site is utilizing fashion, beauty and Black businesses to promote the launch, according to a report by 

THE DETAILS The Live Rooms are an evolution of Instagram’s Live feature, evolving it into more of a panel/talk show function with the expansion of speakers allowed. It is also thought to be a way to rival new social media site Clubhouse, and the popularity of its ‘room’ model. 

The company has created a series of Live Rooms during Paris Fashion Week named Next Generation of Fashion Commentator, with fashion writers offering real-time feedback on the shows. 

Eva Chen, Director of fashion partnerships for Instagram, said, “There’s this next generation of fashion commentators. They’re fashion spectators. Sometimes they’re students, like in fashion school. Sometimes they’re writers, sometimes they’re tech founders. But everyone has a voice in everything, everyone has an opinion. And I think Instagram has leveled the playing field in that way.”

Instagram is also using the rooms to promote its #BuyBlack campaign, with Black beauty founders gathering with a panel to discuss the movement, as well as giving insight into how to shop on the Lives and Instagram beauty trends. 

A Live Room will also be held with Allure Editor-in-Chief Michelle Lee and Chen, titled #StopAsianHate, where the women will discuss Asian hate crimes.

THE WHY? By utilizing fashion, beauty and promoting Black businesses, Instagram is said to be hopeful of engaging its creator community. 

Chen also sees it as a must-have for the fashion industry. She says, “Fashion is innately visual. It’s one of the reasons why the fashion industry has adopted Instagram from the very beginning. Let’s say you are with two other friends and you’re talking about the new product show that just happened yesterday. And you’re holding up a vintage product like a sequined shoe. The ability to have that show-and-tell in these live rooms will be really compelling.”

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