Instagram extends in-app shopping facility to influencers

Instagram extends in-app shopping facility to influencers

Instagram has extended its in-app shopping facility to influencers, who are now able to tag and sell products directly via the social media site, according to a report by the Drum.

The function, previously only available to brand Instagram pages, is being trialled by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, with companies such as NARS and Michael Kors now linking their products through influencer pages.

As part of the development influencers will also be able to link to their own business pages, with cosmetics companies now said to be giving Instagram more prominence on their media strategies due to the update.

Speaking about the feature in a blog post, Facebook-owned Instagram said, “Creators are a cornerstone of the interest community on Instagram and people love getting that spark of inspiration when they learn about a new skin care routine or see their favourite musician in that perfect denim jacket.
“And, unlike seeing the jacket on a rack, when they see it on someone they look up to – or someone who looks like them – suddenly it’s relatable and even attainable.”

Both the brands and influencers will be able to measure sales through shared insights.

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