Instagram: Who you should be following

Instagram: Who you should be following

Instagram is the modern day magazine of our time. We’re all on it (aren’t we?) and for some it’s pretty addictive (it’s like my third child). So who should you be following within the cosmetics industry, and why? Well, let me tell you…

Estee Laundry @esteelaundry
The tongue-in-cheek play on Estee Lauder’s name gives you a small idea of what this account has to offer. Using its bio to describe itself as ‘Airing out the beauty industry’s dirty laundy’, Estee Laundry lifts the lid on beauty companies and what they’re doing wrong, such as copycat brands, big names creating two ‘different’ products for men and women with identical product lists, but charging women more (yes, we’re looking at you Elemis), and calling out companies for inappropriate media campaigns. However, the account also highlights new launches and collabs, as well as heralding brands that do well, such as Epara. It’s my go-to dose of beauty realness.

Gelcream @gelcream
Gelcream is an Instagram account with over 100,000 followers that throws the spotlight on new launches in the industry, as well as efficacious products. So what’s different? Well, the imagery is stunning and it states there are no ads or sponsored content. So you know the opinions are real. How refreshing.

Gucci Beauty @guccibeauty
Having only recently launched in September, the Gucci Beauty Instagram is a stunningly curated account that focuses mainly on beautiful imagery. It has more recently started to promote products, but on the whole it’s an account that offers creative inspiration in droves.

Deciem @deciem
We’ve all heard about that row between parent company Estee Lauder and Deciem founder Brandon Truxae, which is why the Deciem account was one of the most fascinating to watch in 2018. Naming itself The Abnormal Beauty Company couldn’t have been a better fit – the videos from Truaxe himself are intriguing watching, and the honesty the company offers when they get it wrong (they sold out on Black Friday before Black Friday actually began) is pure entertainment.

Pat McGrath @patmcgrathreal
At a time when people are seeking diversity authenticity, make-up artist and beauty brand founder Pat McGrath is a breath of fresh air. Gorgeous images, gorgeous products, and a gorgeous lady behind the brand. What’s not to love?

Terracycle @terracycle
The head honcho of recycling, Terracycle is doing big things in the cosmetics industry via numerous collaborations with giants such as Colgate-Palmolive, L’Occitane and Garnier. Its Instagram feed gives an invaluable insight into just why the bigwigs are clambering over themselves to team up with the service, and how consumers can get in on the act too.

Kylie Cosmetics @kyliecosmetics
Of course no Instagram list would be complete without the social media queen herself, Kylie Jenner aka Kylie Cosmetics. Reality star Jenner used her huge social sway to launch her business, and is now on the cusp of running a $1billion empire. Her Instagram account has much to thank for this success, and it’s clear to see why. If you want a lesson in how to reach the younger generation, head over to this account.

Hourglass Cosmetics @hourglasscosmetics
Cruelty free – the buzzwords of the moment. And we love cruelty-free products that also look good – step up Hourglass Cosmetics. While not all of its products are 100% vegan, the company does have a vegan range and all are cruelty free. Plus the page’s aesthetic is as dreamy as the products.

Charlotte Tilbury @ctilburymakeup
Of course we had to do a shout out for the small guys making it big, and we think receiving an MBE from the Queen for services to the beauty and cosmetics industry is pretty big, well done Charlotte Tilbury! Charlotte’s feed is fun, inspiring, and you can just hear that lovely British accent come out from all the captions.

Huda Beauty @hudabeauty
And last but not least, Huda Beauty is absolutely fascinating. Featuring transformations from women and men of every race, the videos will almost certainly lose you an hour of your life. And inevitably encourages you to buy from the brand after seeing just what the products can achieve!




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