Is vlogging the future for online beauty marketing?

Is vlogging the future for online beauty marketing?

According to Drum columnist Dom Burch, global beauty giants are missing a trick when it comes to marketing their brands and products online.

Burch points to a Minter Dial study that reveals that the big three (L’Oréal, Unilever and P&G) are casting their net too wide, and failing to chime with their core audiences as a result.

“For most independent brands, because of scale and focus, they are typically obliged to intermingle their content within their brand site. For the conglomerates, however, there is an opportunity to create a supra-site that talks to the beauty category as a whole,” claimed Minter Dial. “L’Oréal’s is focused on a single area (cosmetics) and certainly has the most attractive UX… Unilever’s portals aggregate brands that cover health to beauty to household care, etc. In both cases, the scope seems too wide to gain a concentrated following.”

Burch singled out beauty subscription service Ipsy as a brand that has hit the nail on the head. The beauty box service recently opened a professional vlogging studio to encourage customers to test and review products.


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