Japan: Set to ease visa rules for cosmetic workers?

Japan: Set to ease visa rules for cosmetic workers?

The Japanese government is set to decide on a current bill that suggests economic zone regulations be eased up for regulations on foreign cosmetics professionals looking to work at Japanese companies.

Also extending to designers and animators, the bill was drawn up following a movement for the country to become more fashionable in areas such as animation and fashion, and give a push on cultural exports as well as boosting the number of visitors from overseas.

The government will convene to decide on the bill next Wednesday at the meeting of the Council on National Strategic Special Zones and views the special zones as a vital tool to promote its deregulatory measures to boost Japan’s economic growth.

Under the new proposal the country intends to relax rules for foreign workers in industries such as cosmetics and fashion, and will look at certain cases to ease visa regulations. These include: foreigners engaged in product development and other jobs at a Japanese cosmetics company after finishing a cosmetology course in Japan.



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