Johnson & Johnson launches program to combat leadership fatigue

Johnson & Johnson launches program to combat leadership fatigue

Personal care giant Johnson & Johnson has launched the Premier Executive Leadership, a program that is aimed at reducing stress and tiredness levels among its top employees.

Tackling CEO ‘burnout’, the program has a range of mental, physical and emotional programs that are hoped to make their top employees happier and more relaxed.

As part of the program leaders will have access to $100,000 in special services, including the likes of a dietician and an executive coach, according to

The program was launched in house a year ago, tested on seven J&J leaders, with the company having announced this week it will now be up for sale to other Fortune 100 companies at a price of $100,000 per candidate.

Lowinn Kibbey, head of Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute, said, “Leaders aren’t a set of skills and tools. They’re a human being. Many of these leaders arrive in these roles without being equipped with how to stay healthy and resilient.”