Johnson & Johnson revealed to have ‘influenced’ talc safety report

Johnson & Johnson revealed to have ‘influenced’ talc safety report

THE WHAT? Emails disclosed in the course of a lawsuit bought by the state of Mississippi against Johnson & Johnson have revealed that the US baby powder manufacturer was involved in selecting scientists to write a report assessing the safety of the talc-based powder in 2009 and, in addition, requested that the final version of the report be amended, according to a report published by Bloomberg.

THE DETAILS The US Food and Drug Administration referred to the report, which was officially compiled by the Personal Care Products Council, when deciding whether to require the product carry a safety warning, Bloomberg reports.

THE WHY? The state of Mississippi is suing Johnson & Johnson over its refusal to add a warning to talc labels. A lack of transparency calls the report’s findings, and therefore the FDA’s subsequent decision, into question, although the defence counters that the company acted ‘in an appropriate and transparent manner’, per Bloomberg.