Kao develops new sensory testing method to help create ‘pleasant’ feeling cosmetics

Kao develops new sensory testing method to help create ‘pleasant’ feeling cosmetics

Kao Corporation has developed a new testing method that evaluates the tactile sensations consumers feel moment by moment when applying cosmetics in a bid to create ‘pleasant’ feeling products.

The Sensory Science Laboratories and Skin Care Products Laboratories at the company developed the method, with panellists choosing sensory attributes on a computer screen through eye gazing as opposed to inputting data manually by typing keys.

The new development is said to help the company create cosmetics ‘that feel distinctly pleasant from the moment they touch the skin.’

Kao presented the research on the new approach for evaluation temporal changes in sensation during application to the 17th Conference of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology, held in Kyoto.

According to the company, there is as yet only typical product-testing settings of evaluating the tactile sensation of a cosmetic applied to the skin, such as ‘smooth’ and ‘good hold to the skin’, after application. However, the new research is the first evaluation of the changes in sensation to a person moment by moment when applied.

The eye-tracking interface has been based on the Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) method, usually used for evaluating food testing sensations.

According to the company, “A challenge arises when adapting the TDS to an evaluation of tactile sensations of cosmetics. If the panelist chooses the dominant attributes by pressing a keyboard, the fingertip sensations are likely to interfere with motion of applying cosmetics and the sensory perception of the cosmetic product.
“By adopting an eye-tracking computer interface in place of a keyboard, the fingers are freed from all sensory distraction during the TDS evaluation.”

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