Kao launches humidity protection, Biore Zero

Kao launches humidity protection, Biore Zero

THE WHAT? Kao has launched a new product designed to protect skin from discomfort caused by humidity and temperature stress. Biore Zero promises to provide a protective veil for skin, keeping it comfortable for an extended period of time.

THE DETAILS The range comprises Biore Zero Sheet, a next gen wipe that promises to dry sweat and keep skin feeling dry, and Biore Zero Sweat Care Lotion, a body lotion that draws on long-lasting powder veil technology to continually dry sweat to leave skin feeling silky and comfortable for an entire day.

The range will be launched in Japan in March before being rolled out to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore later this year.

THE WHY? With the climate changing, some 80 percent of Japanese shoppers feel discomfort because of hot and humid weather conditions. Kao aims to address the growing need for countermeasures against perspiration and stickiness with its new range.