Kao unveils its Group Mid-Term five-year plan; focus on sustainability

Kao unveils its Group Mid-Term five-year plan; focus on sustainability

THE WHAT? Kao has unveiled its new Group Mid-term Plan 2025 (K25), with the company focusing on the ‘realization of an enriched sustainable world.’

THE DETAILS With the plan running from 2021 to 2025, Kao highlighted the ongoing social issues such as the pandemic and environmental challenges as a catalyst for the company undertaking ‘significant changes.’

Outlining the overall goal of ‘sustainability as the only path’, Kao detailed a slew of ambitious objectives, such as ESG investment, carbon recycling, positive recycling and eradicating the source of infectious diseases. 

It is also set to maximise the ‘power and potential of employees’ by doubling the productivity of is business activities, fairly compensating, and active promotions from within. 

THE WHY? As the economy recovers from the onslaught of COVID-19, there has been a perceptible shift in future business strategies – with sustainability action being placed front and centre.

Discussing the catalyst for the five-year plan, Kao stated, “The Kao Group will begin a new challenge with the aim of establishing an economy where all of the following are realized: the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally and the sustainability of the world.”

The company also drew attention to its reformation plan to become ‘digital Kao’ by 2023. 

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