Keeping up with the pandemic: L’Oréal introduces new digital make-up line

THE WHAT? L’Oréal has introduced a new digital-only make-up line that allows users to try out different looks on Google Duo, Snapchat and Instagram using AR tech. 

THE DETAILS Working on a live video format, the ‘Signature Faces’ range was created by Virtue’s creative agency, Vice, and will allow users to wear the make-up on video chat services as well as social media. 

L’Oréal is also becoming the first beauty brand to be linked with Google’s video conferencing system, after releasing one ‘exclusive look’ on Google Duo. 

Co-created by Val Garland, the L’Oréal Paris global make-up artist, and 3D artists Ariel Lu and Sylvain Gaussens, the range has 10 virtual filters across three themes, ‘volumising capsules’, ‘plump shot’ and ‘fire match.’

THE WHY? As consumers take to social media and video chat in their droves as a consequence of ‘stay-at-home’ lockdown mandates, the beauty world is waking up to the fact that getting digitally-savvy is a must if they want to survive the pandemic. 

Pascal Rotteveel, Executive Creative Director, Western Europe at Virtue, said, “We weren’t utilising these platforms to the best of their abilities when it came to self-expression.

“We then wondered, what if you could have a digital beauty case that enables you to express yourself in online social encounters, in ways you could never do in real life.”

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