Kering: EP&L will drive decision making for product development

Kering: EP&L will drive decision making for product development

Kering has announced that its annual Environmental Profit and Loss report will be used as a tool to inform decision making in product development going forward. The accessories manufacturer, who recently released its third annual EP&L report, will use the data as an impetus for change in key sourcing decisions, according to a report published by Just Style.

Kering’s environmental impact grew just 1.03 percent, despite a 4.6 percent rise in sales, in 2015. Further, the owner of Gucci managed to reduce its overall EP&L impact by 2.5 percent, reaching €77 for every €1,000 of revenue.  

Using a new tool developed in house and called Demeter, brands will be able to explore the environmental impact of their product development decisions in real time. “Decisions made throughout a product’s development can have an influence on the scale of impacts generated; from a design lead’s choice of materials to development cycle, to how a buyer sources these materials and the production team’s choice of manufacturing methods,” said Kering.