Kiehl’s supports recycling in schools for Earth Day

Kiehl’s supports recycling in schools for Earth Day

In honour of Earth Day on April 22, Kiehl’s is donating 65,000 standardized labels for recycling bins for schools across the US in partnership with non-profit organization Recycle Across America (RRA).

Kiehl’s has been an ongoing supporter of RRA, having raised US$250,000 to date to fund the supply of vast quantities of standardized labels to hundreds of thousands of schools across the country.

The easy-to-understand standardized labels aim to increase recycling levels and improve the quality of the recyclable materials being collected in bins. In schools in states such as San Diego, Houston, Scottsdale, Culver City, recycling levels are said to have doubled and the cost of some school districts’ trash hauling fees have dramatically reduced.

Kiehl’s environmental campaign has attracted support from celebrities such as actors Elizabeth Olsen and Maggie Q who designed limited edition product labels to help raise funds for the cause.

The brand has also announced that net profits from the Limited Edition Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado series will be donated to the RAA.

“We started working with Recycle Across America in 2012 and have continued with them since,” said Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s USA. “Their mission to introduce solutions that make recycling more simple, comprehensive and effective in the United States is perfectly aligned with our ‘Recycle & Be Rewarded’ program. Since 2009, Kiehl’s has collected 2,500,000 empty Kiehl’s bottles from our shoppers and recycled them on their behalf, while also rewarding them with free products. It’s proven that by simplifying the process, we can truly create change. We hope to reach over 3,000,000 this year!”

Mitch Hedlund, Executive Director of RAA, added, “We are thrilled to once again be partnering with our dear friends at Kiehl’s,” said Hedlund. “They approached us in our first year and have been a phenomenal partner ever since. If it weren’t for Kiehl’s we wouldn’t have had such an easy path to engage celebrities in our ‘Let’s recycle right!’ campaign and those celebrity-led public service ads have already attracted other leading global brands to get on board with this solution. Kiehl’s clearly understands the importance of recycling right and has taken a true leadership role in helping advance the solution.”

Thanks to the efforts of RAA and corporate partners such as Kiehl’s, to date there are nearly 750,000 standardized labels on recycling bins throughout the US.