Knowlton Development Corporation acquires Thibiant International

Knowlton Development Corporation acquires Thibiant International

Contract manufacturer Knowlton Development Corporation (KDC) has announced the acquisition of Thibiant International, located in California.

Thibiant International formulates and manufactures personal and skin care products, and offers product development services, innovation R&D, quality and compliance assurance services, and manufacturing solutions for the production of beauty and skin care product brands, according to the company.

The acquisition will be a major addition to KDC’s research and development portfolio and a boost to its West Coast manufacturing base, allowing KDC to offer a wider range of services. It follows a host of acquisitions in 2014 and 2015, made possible by parent company NOVACAP.

KDC President and CEO Nicholas Whitley said, “We found particularly attractive Thibiant’s innovation-driven business model, its high-tech facilities and equipment, its exceptional client base and, most of all, its team of talented and highly qualified professionals. KDC and Thibiant also share very similar corporate cultures and operating principles, which establishes a solid base for cooperation. We are going to phase some of Thibiant’s best practices into our operation and export some of ours, which will make for excellent synergies benefiting everyone.”