Kuala Lumpur Hosts SEPHORA’s Debut 3D Interactive Show

THE WHAT?  SEPHORA Malaysia is introducing the ‘Unwrap Their Beautiful’ campaign for the holiday season, featuring an interactive 3D showcase on large screens in the capital city. This campaign marks the first time such technology is being used for a holiday promotion in the area.

THE DETAILS The campaign includes a 3D interactive show where visitors can participate by sending holiday wishes to loved ones through the screens. This is done by scanning a QR code or scheduling messages in advance. In SEPHORA’s Fahrenheit88 store, customers can engage in an interactive game by scanning QR codes within the store, leading to virtual gifts that can be exchanged for real ones.

THE WHAT? This campaign aims to use technology to enhance the holiday shopping experience, offering a unique way for consumers to interact and celebrate the season. The interactive elements in the store and on the screens are designed to engage customers in a novel way, encouraging them to visit SEPHORA and participate in festive activities.