L’Occitane draws on marketing data to delve further into consumer psyche

L’Occitane draws on marketing data to delve further into consumer psyche

In a bid to understand consumer purchasing behaviour global beauty brand L’Occitane has purchased marketing attribution technology from Visual IQ. The company is attempting to improve its understanding of how advertising campaigns can influence consumer purchasing decisions and is doing this by using the IQ Intelligence software.

L’Occitane is using the software to study data across channels in the UK, US and France. According to Visual IQ its technology, which is also used by bathroom e-tailer Victoria Plumb and online fashion brand Boohoo, provides “fractional attribution science and predictive analytics”. This is based on how customers interact with a brand and as such recommends ways for companies to adapt their online and offline marketing strategies to improve sales.

L’Occitane has 2,700 stores worldwide and had net sales for the first quarter of 2015 which totalled €274.6 million, a 17.5 per cent year on year increase.

Will Burns, Head of Digital Strategy at L’Occitane, said, “It is essential for us to understand the cross-channel purchasing behaviours of consumers. “Our partnership with Visual IQ will enable us to see where and how our audience is interacting with the brand, and how our marketing efforts are impacting their path to purchase.”

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