L’Oréal beats ad-blocker software with new ‘influencer’ partnerships

L’Oréal beats ad-blocker software with new ‘influencer’ partnerships

L’Oréal is countering the increasing threat posed by ad-blocker software with a series of new partnerships forged with key vloggers and online ‘influencers’, according to a report published by the Financial Times.

“This is really about creating greater content and experiences, greater formats for our consumers – especially in an age where ad-blocking is going mainstream,” Lubomira Rochet, CDO at L’Oréal, told the Financial Times. “The whole thing that ad-blocking is pointing to is classical advertising fatigue. We need to reinvent the experience and we need to make it less interruptive, more immersive, more rewarding, more personalized.”

To that end, the French beauty giant has opened up its production facilities to EnjoyPhoenix, a French make-up vlogger, who has produced several spots for the Maybelline brand and boasts an audience of 2.5 million, as well as signing up several other social media stars on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube et al worldwide.

“This is really a reinvention of marketing models in an age of ad-blocking and an age of selfies and influencers,” Rochet continued.

And these influencers can certainly be effective. The Financial Times revealed that an unpaid review of a new Body Shop product by UK vlogger Zoella, caused sales to double in the four weeks following the post.