L’Oréal in law suit over false ‘pro keratin’ claims

L’Oréal in law suit over false ‘pro keratin’ claims

French beauty giant L’Oréal has had a class-action filed against it for false advertising of its Matrix Keratindose products.

Plaintiffs Brandi Price and Christine Chadwick cited false, deceptive and misleading advertising for the Matrix Biolage Keratindose Pro-Keratin + Silk Shampoo, Pro-Keratin + Silk Conditioner or Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray, which is said to contain Keratin, which the plaintiffs claim they do not.

The women are seeking to represent a nationwide class of consumers that have brought the products over the past three years, stating that thousands of women have purchased the items under the false belief they contain Keratin. However, Price and Chadwick claim this is a naturally present protein in human hair, skin and nails and that it wasn’t present in the bottles they bought from Wal-Mart and J.C. Penney.

It is said in the suit that it is a violation of the federal Food Drug and Cosmetics Act and parallel state laws.

The complaint stated, “If defendants had disclosed to plaintiffs and putative class members that their Keratindose products do not contain any keratin at all, and that the products do not provide the claimed benefits of keratin, plaintiffs and putative class members would not have purchased the products or that would have paid less for the products.”

L’Oréal has yet to comment.