L’Oréal increases digital marketing focus

L’Oréal increases digital marketing focus

French beauty house L’Oréal is said to be upping its digital marketing spend this year and focusing more on how consumers are influenced.

The company increased its spend from 25 percent to 30 percent for the first half 2016 and has been looking at ways in which celebrities, online influencers and micro-influencers – people in their peer group – can dictate spending habits.

In order to drive this focus forward the group has collaborated with Veleza, an app based on connecting beauty consumers with similar tastes and skin types, and Tailify a start-ups in its accelerator programme run with Founders Factory.

Speaking to Campaign.com, Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, said that marketing is, “a common trend where you want to have this conversation and advice with people that look like you”.