L’Oreal launches Urban Decay in Australia

L’Oreal launches Urban Decay in Australia

L’Oreal has announced that it is launching Urban Decay products in Australia.

The Urban Decay product range is now on sale nationwide through cosmetic store chain Mecca Maxima and is also available online. The move is part of L’Oreal’s strategy to reach out to a greater number of 25-30 year old consumers.

L’Oreal currently has an estimated 15 per cent market share of the $5 billion Australian cosmetics market yet the company aims to boost this share by strategically targeting specific consumer groups.  

L’Oreal’s new Chief Executive in Australia, Rodrigo Pizarro, sees Urban Decay as one of the company’s new digital-driven products, appealing to young women who regularly use social media.

“It has its own community. It has an Instagram account with 1.8 million followers around the world which is quite incredible,” Pizarro commented.

Later this year, L’Oreal will also spearhead an Australia re-launch of another digital-driven brand, NYX Cosmetics. A lower-priced range aimed at makeup artists, NYX Cosmetics began selling through Target stores in Australia a few years ago. Yet L’Oreal bought the company in June last year and has recently launched an Australian Instagram account for the brand, which has gained cult status among US makeup bloggers.