L’Oréal makes Universam’s top 10 ‘Most Attractive Employers’

L’Oréal makes Universam’s top 10 ‘Most Attractive Employers’

L’Oréal has broken into the top 10 of Universam’s Most Attractive Employers ranking for the first time. Voted by business students worldwide, the French beauty giant has climbed from 11th position in 2015 to 9th this year.

L’Oréal is also seen as a more attractive prospective employer among engineering students, climbing to 16th place, versus the 17th ranking it achieved in 2015.

“We are honored and grateful to students who recognize us as one of the top 10 most attractive employers, offering limitless opportunities in all functions from business to engineering and science. We really want to act as an incubator for talents and future leaders, always providing innovative and personalized experiences to our employees,” commented Jean-Claude Le Grand, Senior Vice President Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer at L’Oréal.

L’Oréal receives more than 1.3 million applications every year.