L’Oréal opens the doors on Mexican ‘content factory’ for PortadaLat

L’Oréal opens the doors on Mexican ‘content factory’ for PortadaLat

L’Oréal’s Digital Marketing Director Patricia Aragon is due to deliver a presentation on the company’s ground-breaking Latin American marketing strategy at the PortadaLat conference, to be hosted in Miami next week.

The company has set up a ‘content factory’ in Mexico City, to enable the company to work with editorial partners and content creators. Each major brand has been allocated its own ‘content assembly line’ and the company is able to measure performance accordingly. “We need to know what content performs better and where,” said Aragon during a pre-event interview with Portada.

A Data and Social Media Listening Center measures the impact of the French beauty giant’s content marketing as well as its integration with paid digital and off-line media, for an omnichannel perspective. “In the end, it’s all about having consumers have happy experiences or memories with our brands. These experiences translate into positive sentiment about our brands,” continues Aragon.