L’Oréal Research presents pioneer sol-gels work at Kyoto conference

L’Oréal Research presents pioneer sol-gels work at Kyoto conference

A L’Oréal Research team was invited to present its pioneer work and recent findings at the XVIII edition of the International Sol-Gel Conference held in Kyoto on September 6-11, 2015.

The team discovered that sol-gels technology is an innovative answer to treating fine and damaged hair, thanks to its ability to transform some materials from an aqueous to a solid gel-like state, creating a supple yet resistant molecular network within the fiber of the hair to redensify and strengthen it.

“L’Oréal Research has always been dedicated to developing an effective and long-lasting solution to treat damaged hair,” said Henri Samain, Head of Department, L’Oréal Research & Innovation. “We knew that part of the answer was finding a material capable of penetrating the hair, the big question was how. Following several years of research, the ideal solution came with sol-gels.”

The team took their research one step further; exploring the potential application of silanes, a family of molecules inspired by sol-gels technology, and developing aminosilane to repair damaged hair. The ingredient is one of the key components at the heart of the company’s L’Oréal Professional Pro Fiber long-lasting hair repair treatment.