L’Oreal seeks to reduce environmental impact of labels

L’Oreal seeks to reduce environmental impact of labels

L’Oreal USA is partnering with British packaging specialists Avery Dennison to identify ways to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging labels.

 L’Oréal will be switching the labels of some of its leading products to Avery Dennison’s extra-thin ‘Global MDO’ labels. By providing twice the number of labels per roll, the Global MDO produce 40 percent less solid waste and require 37 percent less energy to manufacture. Furthermore, the 33 micron PET film used to laminate the labels is fully recyclable.

The initiative is part of L’Oreal’s sustainability campaign, dubbed ‘Sharing beauty with all.’

David Wolbach, Assistant Vice President of hair packaging at L’Oreal Americas, said, “We strongly believe in a sustainable supply chain, and this is ingrained in our business practices. However, to achieve the ultimate goal of reduced-impact materials, we cannot work alone. It is essential that all facets of the value chain – material suppliers, printers, consumers, and recyclers – collaborate together to establish a clear and transparent low-impact product stream globally.”

“It is equally important that we have the necessary information available to understand the environmental impacts of the materials we are using. This helps us immensely in our material selection process,” Wolbach added.