L’Oreal shares successes of its sustainability programme Sharing Beauty With All

L’Oreal shares successes of its sustainability programme Sharing Beauty With All

L’Oreal has posted successes achieved through its sustainable development programme, Sharing Beauty With All, since the initiative launched in October 2013.

The Group claims to have reduced CO2 emission in production by 50 percent in absolute terms, from a 2005 baseline.

A total of 67 percent of new products screened have an improved environmental or social profile and 54,000 jobs created for people from underprivileged communities in social or financial difficulty, according to the Sharing Beauty with All Progress Report.

Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal, who launched the campaign, noted, “We are particularly proud to unveil today these very encouraging results after making firm and quantified commitments towards sustainable development. These results show that we can deliver significant and tangible results if we put sustainable development at the centre of Group strategy, as we have been doing with determination for several years. Companies have an important role to play in society, and L’Oréal intends to make a significant contribution.”

The Sharing Beauty with All programme aims to promote sustainable innovation by reducing the environmental footprint of its products and formulae, as well as sustainable production, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste generation. It also advocates informed consumer behaviours and increased awareness of environmental impacts, alongside sharing growth with employees, suppliers and communities.

Alexandra Palt, L’Oréal’s Chief Sustainability Officer, said: “The reduction of CO2 emissions of our production by 50% in absolute terms since 2005 was achieved while our production increased by 22% over the same period. This result proves that performance and responsibility can go hand in hand.”

L’Oréal is committed to present a yearly report with key performance indicators quantifying its progress in sustainable development as part of its ambitious Sharing Beauty with All programme for 2020.