L’Oréal targets older consumer with online make-up tutorials

L’Oréal targets older consumer with online make-up tutorials

Beauty behemoth L’Oréal has eyed a potential gap in the market and has created a series of online make-up tutorials aimed at helping the older consumer.

It’s no secret that online make-up tutorials are taking the beauty world by storm, which have mainly been aimed at younger girls hoping to get the hottest tips from the likes of Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian clan. However, with older women also wanting to make the most of their beauty, L’Oréal has now launched a series of YouTube videos called Wow-To, with the ‘Wow’ standing for Wiser Older Woman.

There are step-by-step tutorials presented by Tessa Broadhead, 46, and Carol Anne Swan, 56, while celebrity make-up artist Ruby Hammer also shares her top tips on where to shop for make-up and how to wear products that will suit the older woman.

Tips from the professionals include Ruby’s ideas about foundation. She says, “Don’t try it on the back of your hand or underneath your jaw. Instead, apply a little on your face in natural daylight.”

Hammer also speaks highly of lip liner, suggesting that you divide the lips into quarters. She says, “Line and fill in each quarter, one at a time, then use your ring finger to press the colour into the lips to take off excess lipstick and give a smooth finish – this is what we do on catwalk models.”

And while L’Oréal may be the biggest name to pick up on this potential growth area, there are others sniffing out the potential too. UK-based Tricia Cusden, 67, created her own make-up brand Look Fabulous Forever (www.lookfabulousforever.com) and dedicated a section of her website to video tutorials showcasing how best to use the products.

It seems it could be a way forward in enticing the older female consumer. Only time will tell if other beauty giants follow suit.