Laneige Appoints Travel Creator Won Ji as Brand Ambassador for Cream Skin

Laneige Appoints Travel Creator Won Ji as Brand Ambassador for Cream Skin

THE WHAT?   Laneige, a leader in functional beauty innovations, has announced the appointment of travel creator Won Ji as the new brand ambassador for its flagship product, the Cream Skin Cerapeptide™ Refiner. Known for her popular YouTube channel ‘Won Ji’s Day’ and her engaging presence on various entertainment programs, Won Ji brings a significant following and a distinct voice to the Laneige brand.

THE DETAILS    The Cream Skin Cerapeptide™ Refiner, a top seller for Laneige with over 3.9 million units sold, is celebrated for its unique formula that encapsulates a jar’s worth of cream into a toner, providing deep moisturization right from the first step of skincare. Won Ji’s collaboration with Laneige came naturally after her personal experience with the product, which she praised for its efficacy and simplicity. This partnership has led to a new slogan for Cream Skin: ‘Lazy, but not dry!’ emphasizing the product’s ease of use and exceptional moisturizing benefits.

THE WHY? Laneige’s decision to partner with Won Ji is rooted in a shared philosophy between the brand’s product attributes and Won Ji’s personal brand ethos of ‘Lazy, but not stupid’. This alignment is showcased in Laneige’s promotional strategies, which leverage Won Ji’s recommendations based on her actual product use and satisfaction. Won Ji’s endorsement extends beyond traditional uses, as she incorporates Cream Skin into her daily regimen in innovative ways, such as an overnight facial mask and a body lotion substitute.