Less is more? Lush slashes product line up

Less is more? Lush slashes product line up

THE WHAT? Lush has announced that it is set to discontinue a plethora of products after Founder Mark Constantine had the chance to reflect on the ethical beauty chain’s range during lockdown.

THE DETAILS Products were evaluated using three criteria, namely: Does it serve the customer’s needs? Is it number one in its category? Is it part of a cosmetic revolution? And as a result, a considerable number of products across the bath bombs, bath oils, bubbles, shower, body, face, make-up, oral care, hair care and soap categories will be sidelined.

THE WHY? Lush says that the cull will allow it to make room for new creations it has in the pipeline, and that it will also enable subscribers to petition for their favourites to be reinstated. In the meantime, the news could prompt fans of the products due to be given the boot to stock up, boosting sales.

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