LG H&H Expands Makeup in Japan

LG H&H Expands Makeup in Japan

THE WHAT?  LG H&H Co. announced plans to increase marketing for its makeup brands “Glint by VDIVOV” and “Freshian” in Japan. Glint’s highlighters, launched on Japan’s Qoo10 e-commerce platform in June, quickly became best-sellers. Freshian, a vegan brand, expanded into the Japanese online market in September with its Egg Like Cushion foundation and won an award at the Japan Good Design Award in October.

THE DETAILS  Endorsements from local influencers like YouTuber Hiro Odagiri have boosted the popularity of Glint in Japan. LG H&H is enhancing its marketing strategies for both Glint and Freshian, including outdoor advertising at the Tokyo Dome and participation in the Megawari shopping event. Plans include opening Glint and Freshian stores in well-known Japanese retail locations, Plaza and Loft, respectively.

THE WHY? LG H&H’s decision to ramp up marketing for these brands in Japan is influenced by the successful reception of K-beauty products in the market. By leveraging influencer endorsements and awards, along with targeted advertising, the company aims to strengthen the presence of Glint and Freshian in a competitive beauty market. The store openings are part of this strategy, aiming to increase the accessibility and visibility of these brands among Japanese consumers.