Lipotec launches peptide to reprogramme the skin through epigenetics

Lipotec launches peptide to reprogramme the skin through epigenetics

Spanish ingredients company Lipotec has announced a new peptide Reproage, which is set to reprogramme the skin through epigenetics.

The latest development from the company is said to be able to induce cellular reprogramming in the epidermal basal layer through the modulation of epigenetic elements. According to Lipotec this reprogramming can help ‘reactivate basal cells and their regenerative abilities, leading to an improved appearance of mature skin.’

The new peptide is said to reduce the levels of microRNA-145, an epigenetic regular known to repress the activity of the stem cell transcription factors, while at the same time increases the level of the stem cell factors related to stemness, thus contributing to an improvement in the skin properties.

Indeed, Reproage could prove promising to the anti-ageing market thanks to its ability to create a smoother, ‘visually rejuvenated’ complexion when added to formulations used to cope with the slowdown of skin regeneration.

Epigenetics is a new trend in the skin care industry and is based on the interpretation of information, helping to understand the regulation of complex processes in the skin.