L’Oréal adapts websites following NAD enquiry

L’Oréal adapts websites following NAD enquiry

THE WHAT? L’Oréal has adapted its three sites makeup.com, skincare.com and hair.com due to an investigation by the National Advertising Division (NAD). 

THE DETAILS Following NAD’s routine monitoring program, L’Oréal was requested to make a clear definition of whether the site content was advertising or editorial.

NAD stated it was concerned that the websites looked like “publisher’s sites providing general information on how to improve one’s hair, skin, and makeup application through various articles, while also selling products to further those goals.”

The division noted that references to L’Oréal were too far down the page, away from website logos and content, therefore being misleading. Despite revisions being initially made, full disclosure was said to have been dropped on some sites.

Following the investigation L’Oréal amended the sites to highlight that the content was written by or on behalf of the company.

A press release said, “NAD determined that these disclosures are clear and conspicuous and inform consumers of L’Oréal’s ownership of the websites such that they understand that the content on the websites may be advertising.”

THE WHY? The blurring of boundaries between advertising and editorial raises a red flag with advertising standard agencies due to whether “customers can easily understand whether content they are viewing is an advertisement or editorial content.”

Responding to the investigation, L’Oréal stated, “As a strong supporter of the advertising self-regulation process, L’Oréal USA appreciates NAD’s thorough and thoughtful review of this matter. We remain committed to ensuring that our Makeup.com, Skincare.com, and Hair.com website properties always include clear and conspicuous branding.”    

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