L’Oréal and Cosmo’s Sustainable Fragrance Technology Partnership

L’Oréal and Cosmo’s Sustainable Fragrance Technology Partnership

THE WHAT?  L’Oréal Groupe and Cosmo International Fragrances have partnered to introduce a new Green Sciences-based extraction process for creating fine fragrances. This patented technology, exclusive to L’Oréal, allows for capturing the true scent of ingredients through a waterless, low-energy method, offering an eco-friendlier approach to fragrance production.

THE DETAILS This technology developed by Cosmo International Fragrances represents a shift in fragrance extraction methods. It utilises air to extract scent molecules from natural materials like flowers and fruits without traditional heating, cooling, or chemical solvents. This process not only maintains the integrity of the flowers but also allows for their reuse, thereby reducing waste and lowering the environmental footprint of fragrance production.

THE WHY?  The partnership is part of L’Oréal’s commitment to sustainable practices in the beauty industry. It allows the company to create more authentic and natural fragrances while adhering to environmental standards. The collaboration’s initial focus is on a tuberose-based scent, expected to be released in 2024, aligning with the increasing consumer interest in unique and sustainably produced fragrances.