L’Oréal and General Assembly announce new marketing standard

L’Oréal and General Assembly announce new marketing standard

L’Oréal and General Assembly have launched a new marketing assessment, the Certified Marketer Level 1, created by the Marketing Standards Board, which is said to accurately measure essential marketing skills and therefore allow employers to identify high potential candidates for marketing roles and marketing professionals to gauge their capabilities against an industry benchmark.

“With CM1, we have a unique opportunity to develop a widely recognized marketing expertise standard. This is for us a powerful assessment and empowerment tool” said Jean-Claude Le Grand, L’Oréal’s Executive Vice-President Human Relations.

Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal added, “Mobile and social platforms have completely rewritten the creative rules in marketing. The spectacular rise of Precision advertising and Programmatic have totally changed the way we buy media. The rise of e-commerce as the fastest growing distribution channel is demanding new skills. Digital has profoundly transformed the marketing function and is now the new normal. CM1 – as DM1 before it – will be key to recruit and upskill our marketing populations ensuring L’Oréal has the right talents to win in the market.” 

“The CM1 is the next step in General Assembly’s vision of transparent pathways,” said Kieran Luke, GM Assessments and Credentials at General Assembly. “To solve skill gaps, we need industry leaders to explain what skills are required and what opportunities exist. We’re proud to be partnering with the industry’s leading voices to offer a standard that will help develop marketers and open new pathways.”

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