L’Oréal and Gjosa tackle water waste head on

L’Oréal and Gjosa tackle water waste head on

L’Oréal and Gjosa have teamed up to create a low-flow showerhead that emits easier-to-rinse shampoo as well as water, according to a report published by WWD.

The French beauty brand and Swiss tech start-up’s device uses just 1.5 liters of water per wash versus an average of 8 liters for a standard shower head to do the same job.

“Some water jet parameters have been adjusted in real conditions to obtain the right rinse without splashes, reducing the water and energy consumption by almost 70 percent,” said L’Oréal per WWD.

With global water consumption growing at double the pace of the population, and some two-thirds of the world predicted to be living in water-stressed conditions by 20205, according to statistics from the UN, water scarcity is becoming an important consideration in product development. The showerhead is being tested at hair salons across the US and South Africa and, if successful, will be rolled out to the professional hair salon market.

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