L’Oréal Canada launches new Business Data Lab to make ‘beauty more understandable’

L’Oréal Canada launches new Business Data Lab to make ‘beauty more understandable’

THE WHAT? L’Oréal Canada has launched its first Business Data Lab for the L’Oréal Group, which aims to ‘make beauty more understandable, more accessible, and more personalized.’

THE DETAILS The data science incubator will focus entirely on consumers, understanding them and helping them in their beauty journeys. 

According to a press release, “The L’Oréal Canada Business Data Lab is a nimble and independent set of data scientists, closely tied to the business, who put their focus on solving key business issues, using the agility of L’Oréal Canada and leveraging the dynamism of Montreal as the Canadian capital of AI, in partnership with Rocket Science Development and its CEO Mohamed Sabri, as well as McGill University.”

THE WHY? Samantha Daude Di Nacera, L’Oréal Canada Chief Marketing Officer, says, “Our Beauty Tech ambition is to exponentially augment L’Oréal’s game-changing science with cutting-edge technologies, at scale, to deliver unsurpassed consumer beauty experiences.”

Ludovic Begue, L’Oréal Canada CRM & Data Science Director, continued, “Understanding the consumers’ beauty needs, how they are talking about their beauty challenges and looking for solutions to make sure, for example that we speak the same language, is what the L’Oréal Canada Business Data Lab will enable us to do. 

“For instance, we introduced new words searches and changed our product descriptions to adapt to our consumers’ language.”