L’Oréal China apologises over Singles Day blunder

L’Oréal China apologises over Singles Day blunder

THE WHAT? L’Oréal China has apologised to shoppers caught out by a Singles Day discount that was advertised as the best deal available but in fact was more expensive than a reduction being offered elsewhere, according to a report published by the South China Morning Post.

THE DETAILS The French beauty giant told consumers in October that the biggest price reduction for a facial mask would be available via livestreamer Li Jiaqi’s sales sessions but in fact, coupons broadcast by L’Oréal during the event made the product cheaper still.

Some 30,000 complaints have been filed by angry buyers and Li as well as fellow top livestreamer, Viya have both issued statements suspending all collaborations with L’Oréal pending the resolution of the issue.

THE WHY? L’Oréal released a statement apologising for its ‘overly complicated sales mechanism’ and said that it is working on a solution pending investigation. The French beauty giant would do well to compensate consumers rather than risk its reputation or falling foul of two of the country’s biggest livestreamers.