L’Oréal embraces good bacteria with Micreos license

L’Oréal embraces good bacteria with Micreos license

THE WHAT? L’Oréal and Dutch biotech firm Micreos have announced the signing of a license agreement to join their expertise in biotechnology and the skin microbiome.

THE DETAILS Under the deal, Micreos will grant the French beauty giant access to its endolysin, a type of active protein in the cosmetic field that will enable to the creation of products targeted to eliminate only unwanted bacteria, while preserving beneficial bugs.

THE WHY? With the role played by the skin microbiome in healthy skin increasingly under the spotlight, and microbiome-friendly skin care trending, L’Oréal is keen to get in on the action. “The agreement with Micreos opens up a very promising field in high-tech cosmetics,” says Laurent Attal, Executive Vice-President Research & Innovation of L’Oréal.

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