L’Oréal, Heinemann: Sustainable Travel Retail Push

L’Oréal, Heinemann: Sustainable Travel Retail Push

THE WHAT?  L’Oréal Travel Retail and Gebr. Heinemann have formed a partnership aiming at sustainability within the travel retail industry.

THE DETAILS This partnership, revealed at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes, is L’Oréal and Gebr. Heinemann’s response to the increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products and operations. L’Oréal’s plan includes implementing sustainable practices across the supply chain, marketing, and operations. Gebr. Heinemann has set a goal to achieve its sustainability targets by 2030, with the aid of this partnership and by integrating L’Oréal products into its sustainable initiatives.

THE WHY?  After recognising post-COVID changes in consumer preferences towards sustainable products, both companies see collaboration as essential. Gebr. Heinemann’s upcoming global launch of its future-friendly concept, which includes sustainable product offerings and store designs, is one step in this direction. The company is also targeting a reduction in CO2 emissions.