L’Oréal joins forces with telecoms company Proximus in new scheme to reduce eco footprint

L’Oréal joins forces with telecoms company Proximus in new scheme to reduce eco footprint

The what? L’Oréal has joined forces with Belgium telecoms group Proximus to test a soft mobility solution in Brussels, which will allow deliveries to be made by electric bike in a bid to reduce their eco footprint.

The details The initiative will allow the two companies to make their combined 15,000 annual deliveries more sustainable, with an electric bike having made L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division deliveries to 130 Brussels hair salons.

The companies have been using Cargo Velo, a partner of GO2 (Dioxyde de Gambettes), with the pilot scheme being assessed after six months by MOBI, the VUB research center, measuring its impact on CO2 emissions and traffic jams in the city.

The why? According to a press release, “The aim of the pilot project is to assess the potential and operational viability of a partnership between two large retailers for the organization of their urban deliveries.”

Indeed, with the climate crisis front and centre in the news right now, L’Oréal is looking to continue its Sharing Beauty with All program, announced in 2013 as part of a company transformation to deal with its ecological and social impacts throughout its value chain.

Florian Delagoutte, Director Operations of L’Oréal Belgilux, stated, “Reducing CO2 emissions linked to the delivery of products to our customers is a priority. This partnership with Proximus enables us to put into practice and test the “last mile delivery” by bicycle for 130 hair salons in the heart of Brussels. Besides the environmental aspect, we also want to offer our customers a more personalized and pleasant delivery experience.”

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