L’Oréal launches bespoke hair dye brand Color&Co

L’Oréal launches bespoke hair dye brand Color&Co

L’Oréal is launching a new at home hair dye brand that will enable  US-based shoppers to co-create a bespoke shade for their hair. The French beauty giant’s Color&Co offers a ‘truly personalized experience’ thanks to a live video consultation and a custom blend mixed for each client.

“We saw an opportunity to reinvent the at-home hair color experience,” says Color&Co General Manager Olivier Blayac. “We knew that up to 70 percent of at-home color users don’t know exactly what hair color works for them and worry about unpredictable color results. We wanted to fix that problem. We drew upon L’Oréal’s scientific heritage and its history in the salon business to deliver an exceptional at-home color experience guided by expert stylists. With stunning results, Color&Co brings true personalization straight to your door.”

“Beauty consumers are asking us for increasingly personalized experiences, and we saw a real opportunity to innovate in this cornerstone of our business,” says Guive Balooch, Vice President of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, an arm of L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation Division. “Hair color results depend on a variety of factors, so it was important to develop highly accurate new technology that could deliver unprecedented at-home shade precision. For the first-time, we are able to offer an almost endless variety of color options for at-home application.”