L’Oréal looks to 3D printing for future product development

L’Oréal looks to 3D printing for future product development

French beauty giant L’Oréal is looking to 3D printing for the future of its product development, says a report by CNBC.

Talking to the website, Stephane Lannuzel, Operations Chief Digital Officer at L’Oréal, explained that the company was making prototypes with the technology, with the next step being to use it for create products.

He said, “3-D printing enables you to get some beautiful design, new shapes. It’s still not scalable, (and) too expensive to do with millions of products, but I’m sure that in the coming years it will mature, it will evolve and we will be able to do 3-D printing for products.”

Discussing the future of 3D printing, Lannuzel stated that there was excitement amongst the team when looking at the new technology and how it can be used to cater for the ‘more and more demanding’ needs of the consumer.

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  1. 3D printing has great benefits for speedy and efficient prototyping. With the fast turnaround world of today this means innovations and new designs get to market more quickly. Its great to be ahead of the competition and 3D printing is ideal for this.Mass market production is still some way off, but this will come in time.


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