L’Oreal tackles problem pigmentation with ‘groundbreaking’ ingredient

L’Oreal tackles problem pigmentation with ‘groundbreaking’ ingredient

THE WHAT? L’Oreal has announced the launch of a ‘breakthrough molecule’ designed to address problem pigmentation such as age spots and post acne marks. Melasyl, as the proprietary ingredient has been named, is the culmination of 18 years of research.

THE DETAILS Melasyl will make its debut in La Roche Posay’s Mela B3 range before being rolled out to the French beauty giant’s L’Oreal Paris and Vichy brands.

THE WHY? Anne Colonna, Global Head of Advanced Research at L’Oréal Groupe. ““With half of all people reporting skin pigmentation issues and a third of these experiencing lower quality of life as a result, the impact of visible spots or post-acne marks is clearly more than skin-deep. Melasyl is a first-of-its kind ingredient that helps to address localized skin pigmentation issues, with proven efficacy and wide accessibility that will enable more people to regain their self-confidence.”