L’Oréal to launch sustainable plastic bottle made with carbon emissions by 2024

L’Oréal to launch sustainable plastic bottle made with carbon emissions by 2024

THE WHAT? L’Oréal has joined forces with Total and LanzaTech and is set to create the first plastic cosmetics bottle made by industrial carbon emissions by 2024.

THE DETAILS The collaboration will see the three companies working together in order to produce the sustainable plastic, with LanzaTech capturing industrial carbon emissions and converting them into ethanol using a unique biological process. Total will then convert the ethanol into ethylene before polymerizing it into polyethylene that has the same technical characteristics as its fossil counterpart. Finally, L’Oréal will use the polyethylene to produce packaging with the same quality and properties as conventional polyethylene.

According to a press release, the process proves that industrial carbon emissions can be used to produce plastic packaging, with the partnership paving the way for new opportunities.

L’Oréal said in a statement, “The partners now intend to continue working together on scaling the production of these sustainable plastics and look forward to working with all those who want to join them in committing to the use of these new sustainable plastics.”

THE WHY? L’Oréal is the latest cosmetics company stepping up their CSR and sustainability agendas throughout 2020, with companies throughout the supply chain setting authentic goals to foster a circular economy. 

Jacques Playe, L’Oréal Packaging & Development Director, said, “L’Oréal is constantly improving the environmental footprint of its packaging. With this innovation converting carbon emissions into polyethylene, we aim to develop new sustainable packaging solution. We have the ambition to use this sustainable material in our bottle of shampoo and conditioner by 2024 and we hope other companies will join us in using this breakthrough innovation.”

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