L’Oréal to use P&G patented technology for plastic packaging in new deal

L’Oréal to use P&G patented technology for plastic packaging in new deal

L’Oréal is set to purchase recycled polypropylene plastic from PureCycle Technologies, which was originally developed by competitor Procter & Gamble, according to a report by BizJournal.

PureCycle Technologies is currently building a new plant near Cinncinati, which will produce more than 105 million pounds of polypropylene per year as of 2021. In the new deal, L’Oréal will have full subscription of the plant’s capacity with the French beauty giant being one of the first purchasers of volume of PureCycle’s first European plant.

The technology, created by P&G and licensed to PureCycle, enables the removal of nearly all contaminants and color from plastics, a move which the company said will give companies the option of using recycled plastics that deliver near identical and properties as virgin materials.

Philippe Thuvien, L’Oréal Group vice president of packaging and development, said of the deal, “For L’Oréal, the agreement (with PureCycle) represents a strategic next step in our sustainable packaging strategy, designed to accelerate the transition to the circular economy.
“L’Oréal ambition is that by 2025, 50% of the plastics used in our packaging will either be bio-sourced or of recycled origin, which encompasses all plastic types, polypropylene being a major milestone. We are convinced that it is our responsibility to support the rising of cutting-edge recycling technologies.”