L’Oréal USA announces winners of 2019 Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards

L’Oréal USA announces winners of 2019 Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards

L’Oréal USA has announced the winners of its 2019 Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards, a program that aims to support female leaders that are building technology with the potential to revolutionize the beauty industry.

The three winners are Mandi Nyambi and Lanya Olmsted, Co-founders of Baalm, an online community for beauty; Lisha Li, Founder of Rosebud AI, technology that allows users to virtually try-on make-up, hair styles and clothes from a social media photo; and Alyssa Min and Sunny Kim, Co-founders of Seknd, a smart beauty discovery platform for personalized product recommendations. Each winner will receive a funding grant of $25,000.

The beauty giant has this year increased its efforts to help early-stage entrepreneurs, having launched the inclusive, virtual Women In Digital community on the Alice platform. Available all year round, it will be a resource for participants across the U.S.

Rachel Weiss, VP of Strategic Growth and Open Innovation at L’Oréal USA, “This year we received over 450 nominations, representing a diverse group of women from all over the country. Narrowing this down was a tremendous challenge for our teams and judges, as we saw so many innovative early-stage companies founded by women whom I expect will all have an impact on the future of this industry.
“Although the landscape has changed quite a bit in the past seven years, we know there are still challenges for female founders. We are really honored to have the opportunity to help these entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses.”