L’Oréal USA launches Snapchat filters in Snap Camera partnership

L’Oréal USA launches Snapchat filters in Snap Camera partnership

THE WHAT? L’Oréal USA has become the first beauty company to partner with Snap Camera as it looks to AR amidst the coronavirus crisis, launching eight custom-branded augmented reality lenses for the Snap Camera desktop platform.

THE DETAILS The partnership will see the branded AR lenses launched on Snap Camera for a week, in a dedicated beauty area on the platform’s opening page. 

Featuring L’Oréal brands Garnier, Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris, and Maybelline, users will be able to try on a variety of beauty looks across multiple categories, including hair color, make-up, fragrance, and skincare.

Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, CMO of L’Oréal USA, said, “Snap technology creates new avenues for self-expression, and at L’Oréal we view self-expression as the foundation of beauty. 
“Offering the first beauty lenses for Snap Camera means we can provide our consumers with a new and engaging way to experience our products and brands—and a no-fuss addition to their at-home beauty routine, at the ready for their next video chat.”

THE WHY? With parent company Snap Inc. recently reporting more than a 30x increase in daily downloads of Snap Camera, the partnership signals the significance of AR technology as brands develop new ways to reach their audiences during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer of L’Oréal USA said, “Augmented reality capabilities give people new and fun ways to experience our products and be immersed in our brands, especially right now, from home.”

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