L’Oréal’s EUR15 Million Climate Fund

L’Oréal’s EUR15 Million Climate Fund

THE WHAT?  L’Oréal has launched a EUR15 million Climate Emergency Fund. This initiative aims to bolster vulnerable communities’ resilience against climate disasters. Expert partner organisations will be crucial in ensuring these communities are well-equipped to face and recover from such adverse events.

THE DETAILS  L’Oréal’s new fund will emphasise two main strategies: ‘Prepare’ and ‘Repair’. The former focuses on proactive measures, including disaster planning and early warnings, to lessen the adverse impacts of climate disasters. In contrast, ‘Repair’ is all about restoration, ensuring communities have access to essential services post-disaster, such as healthcare, housing, and necessities. Two prominent beneficiaries of the fund’s initial phase are The Solutions Project, a US-based non-profit, and the Start Network, comprising over 80 diverse NGOs committed to timely interventions in humanitarian crises.

THE WHY?  Alexandra Palt, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, L’Oréal Groupe and CEO of the Fondation L’Oréal, explains, “Whilst the climate crisis is global in nature, it is clear that some communities are at far greater risk of near-term climate disasters and must mitigate for these climate-related events to prevent them from becoming human disasters.”