Louis Vuitton debuts live streaming on Little Red Book

Louis Vuitton debuts live streaming on Little Red Book

THE WHAT? Louis Vuitton has made its live streaming debut on China’s luxury retail app, Little Red Book, according to a report by Jing Daily. 

THE DETAILS Hosted by fashion blogger Yvonne Ching, the hour-long livestreaming session was split into different sections and featured a review of Ching’s Louis Vuitton outfit and a styling Q&A with guest host Zhong Chuxi. 

Throughout the stream the hosts directed consumers to easily accessible shopping links, with the session garnering a high engagement of 152,000 page views. 

Louis Vuitton was the first luxury brand to launch an official account on the e-commerce platform, having accrued 130,000 followers.

THEY WHY? The livestream debut was thought to align with the luxury brand’s investment strategy into the platform, while also being a way to boost sales during the coronavirus crisis following retail store closures.