LUBRIZOL – Serene Beauty – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016

LUBRIZOL – Serene Beauty – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016

LUBRIZOL – Serene Beauty – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016 

Recently, a new beauty trend is becoming very evident and accepted in society.

Celebrities of all ages are sharing their real image in the art, media and fashion spheres, breaking away

from the retouched and distorted reality so present in previous years. Acting as role models, they inspire

women to accept the passing of time and to celebrate their real age.

True to its premise of providing innovative ideas as a source of inspiration for its customers, Lubrizol Skin

Care has created a selection of formulated solutions based on this new perception of beauty, presented

under a concept of SERENE BEAUTY.


SERENE BEAUTY. Reflecting Expertise.

Every day and every experience of our life are depicted on our skin and all those stories that are about to

become ours will be written on it as well. SERENE BEAUTY means to reflect your expertise, to show how

the passage of time makes you exactly who you are.

Using its large expertise in polymer technologies, molecular science and botanical extracts, Lubrizol Skin

Care presents six new formulations designed to beautify the skin at the different stages of life depicted

under the following three conceptual approaches to serene beauty.


TIME, APPRECIATED: Reconciled with time

Time is no longer the enemy, it becomes an asset. As time passes, women gain experience and confidence,

they feel stronger and more serene about themselves. It is also about staying who I am, the longest



Get ready for another hectic day in the city using Lubrizol’s formula URBAN SHIELDING FACIAL

CREAM – F-0124(EU)! This cream allows your skin to better resist the effects of environmental

pollution, imparting a refreshing initial feel upon application. Feel a cascading sensory of light and

medium emolliency that will leave your skin soft and supple.


Help your skin remember its youth with TIME FRIENDLY BOUNCY MOISTURIZER – F-0119A. This

yogurt-like lotion with firming properties combats sagginess and helps to brighten the skin

complexion at the same time at it provides light moisturization and good slip.


THE REAL ME: Reconciled with myself

More and more celebrities expose their real image through “wake-up” and “no-make up” selfies published

on social media, and advertising campaigns feature “not so perfect” models that are closer to a normal

person. It is the real beauty that counts and is expressed.


Age with confidence thanks to AGE CONFIDENT FACIAL NOURISHER – F-0122(EU), that enables

your inner wisdom to get reflected on your skin without negative effects. This formula helps to

improve skin thickness and smoothness in mature skin and provides immediate comfort by

reducing stickiness of the glycols. A rich creamy texture with a soft elegant after feel that gives

skin a rejuvenated appearance.


Get camera ready with SELFIE-READY BEAUTY CREAM – F-0126(EU). This formulation reduces

expression lines with a refreshing initial feel and providing a unique cascading emolliency sensory

experience. Your skin will only reflect your emotions and personality.


ESSENTIAL WISDOM: Reconciled with nature

Going back to what is truly essential is the new trend. Environmental awareness has become an important

factor in all consumers’ buying decisions. Individuals are looking for products inspired by nature and

produced using clean and smart technology to help them maintain a serene mind in a beautiful and

healthy body.


Looking for a solution to shine thanks to your personality rather than your skin? Try POLAR SHINE

CONTROL GEL-CREAM – F-0125(EU). This cream helps to reduce shininess and pore size for a

flawless and mattified complexion. Its elegant and smooth texture provides a dry soft touch to

your skin.


Dreaming of a bouncy skin? BOTANICAL-INSPIRED FIRMING FACE LOTION – F-0123(EU) helps in

improving the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin as well as leaves the skin soft and supple

after application.


As the leading supplier of specialty ingredients, Lubrizol Skin Care is committed to empowering its clients

with products and services that will enable them to accelerate their creativity