Lush Fights Plastic, Saves Oceans

Lush Fights Plastic, Saves Oceans

THE WHAT? Lush has made a significant environmental impact by diverting over three million plastic bottles through its UK supply of Prevented Ocean Plastic™, reinforcing its mission to improve the planet’s condition with innovative packaging solutions. This initiative represents a critical step in Lush’s global commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

THE DETAILS  The transition to Prevented Ocean Plastic™ began with Lush’s decade-long use of 100% recycled PET for clear bottles, now expanding globally with certified recycled materials for various bottle sizes. This effort is part of a broader strategy to reduce ocean plastic pollution and support coastal communities affected by such environmental challenges.

THE WHY? Lush’s Prevented Ocean Plastic™ initiative addresses the urgent need to manage plastic waste, particularly in regions like Indonesia where waste management infrastructure is lacking, by collecting plastic at risk of polluting oceans. This approach not only helps protect marine ecosystems but also supports local economies, highlighting Lush’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.